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At JSP Enterprise PVT LTD corporate stability and product diversity go hand in hand. We feel proud to ventilate that some of our customer relationships are decades old. It is because people know we are rock solid and we have the resources to fully explore new yarn product development. Thus we got to be the largest, most advanced and most flexible independent yarn source available today. More specifically we are specialized in superlative quality yarns used in apparels, home furnishings, towels etc. JSP has core proficiency in yarn exports and it is regarded as one of the leading, progressive and reliable yarn exporter in the global textile industry. Yarn accounts for major share out of total exports of the company. We export cotton Yarn that is manufactured from finest quality fibres and the Quality of our Yarn is analogous to the apex competitors both in domestic as well as international market. Our expertise lies in the excellent quality yarn that is used in the manufacturing of apparels, home furnishing etc in various textile industries. Huge capacity can be handled at ease, with precision, a close watch on quality control. It is in the position of exporting almost the entire gamut of yarns. We specialize in the following type of Yarn. They are Melange Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Rayon Yarn, Heather Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Metallic Yarn etc. So if you're searching for a partner who is going places today, and will still be there tomorrow, contact JSP Enterprises PVT LTD. We'd like to display you how a single source of unparalleled diversity and flexibility can be your partner in prosperity far into the future.